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Imustron™ is a combination of 2 well documented probiotic strains Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria lactis, when consumed daily, is clinically proven to help support a healthy immune system.  It contains a clinically effective dose of 2 billion bacteria per sachet.

Why choose Imustron?
Imustron bacteria strain:

  1. has been used since mid 1980s as an ingredient in dietary supplements which shows that these strains are extremely safe to be consumed.
  2. able to survive acid condition in the stomach
  3. bile resistant
  4. has excellent ability to adhere to human intestinal wall (prolong the time Imustron able to exert beneficial influence on the immune system)
  5. able to colonise and grow in the human gastrointestinal tract



How to choose which probiotic? 

There are many different probiotic products available to purchase. Hence it could be confusing for consumer to choose a good probiotic. According to International Scientific association for probiotics and prebiotics, an organization who has developed following key criterias to help consumer find a credible product.

  1. Not all probiotics are the same
    Different strains of probiotics would have different functionality. Some are useful for infant colic, while others are useful for woman’s health. Just as if you need a good guard dog, you will be wasting money on a poodle. The same principle applies for probiotic strains, you could be wasting your money if you don’t get the right probiotic for the job.
    The strains of good bacteria used in Imustrong™ are carefully selected to have an effect on strengthening the immune system. These strains of probiotics are clinically documented in human trials to strengthen the immune system hence are useful for individuals who want to maintain a healthy immune system and particularly useful for individuals who is sick often (those suffering from frequent cold or frequent diarrhea).
  2. More CFU (colony forming unit) does not necessarily mean better
    Probiotics are measured in CFU. Probiotics with 30billion CFU does not mean its better than one with 2 billion. This is because different strain of bacteria would require different amount to achieve the desired effect.

    Imustrong™ with 2 billion bacteria is sufficient to help strengthen one’s immune system.
  3. Consumer should pick a probiotic from a trusted manufacturer.
    Imustrong™ is manufactured by a European company who is a member of the International Probiotic Association, and has been in microbial business for 130 years.

These guidelines are useful in selecting a probiotic for your daily use.

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