Deoproce Pure Aloe Soothing Gel 92% 300ml

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Deoproce Pure Aloe Soothing Gel 92% is moist as the real pure aloe vera gel.

It contains 92% certified Organic Aloe Vera by the Californian CCOF. Aloe vera extract quenches skin's thirst with rich moisture, soothes sensitive and burned skin moisture, and helps shield the skin from environmental assaults by providing protective moisture film.

Feature: It is gentle enough to soothe and regenerate damaged skin cells while making your skin soft and supple with instant moisturizing effect without the sticky feeling.

How to Use:
For best result apply an appropriate amount to the dry, sensitive part of the face and body as often as you can.

Suitable for extremely sensitive skin.
Can also be used as conditioner for hair. - See more at:

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