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What is Stem Cell?

Stem cells refer to all tissue and internal organs of living things that are in their original source of congenital undifferentiated state. Similar to that of animals, plants also contain stem cells.
A stem cell is essentially a “blank” cell which does not have any specialized physiological properties. It can divide and reproduce identical copies of itself over and over again. This defining property of stem cells is known as the self-renewal process and serves as a built-in repair system for the human body, replenishing other cells as long as it’s from a living being.
• Activated Stem Cells 
   Solving aging problems from its source
• Adult Stem Cells
   Maintaining continuous rehabilitation of skin tissues
• Stem Cells Rehabilitation Ability

   Cells do not last forever thus  need to be replenished all the time

Plant Stem Cells Benefit Human Skin
Researchers have identified naturally occurring botanicals with substantial antioxidant activity proven to protect skin stem cells from UV-induced oxidative stress, inflammation, neutralize free radicals and reverse the effects of photoaging. Products containing extracts derived from plant stem cells have the ability to promote healthy cell proliferation and protect against UV-induced cellular damage in humans.
In contrast to epidermal stem cells, plant stem cells are totipotent, they are capable of regenerating an entire whole new plant. Through innovative plant stem cell technology, scientists are able to extract tissue from botanicals. Thus, the plant’s ability to regenerate stem cells can now be harnessed for use in humans.

Skin Cell Damage
Although the skin constantly renews itself throughout an adult’s lifetime, these long-term self-renewing stem cells begin to regenerate more slowly as we start to age. It is believed that the impaired wound healing rate in aging skin may be due either to impaired stem cell mobilization or a reduced number of stem cells able to respond to proliferative signals. Lost or dying cells begin to outnumber their regenerated counterparts, which likely leads to common signs of aging, such as rhytids and laxity. It is for this reason that stem cells make intriguing additions to anti-aging products.


With nano-biotechnology, we are able to extract stem cell from the ginseng’s FLOWER, STALK and ROOT of the same plant. Throughout the process of extracting and cultivation of the GINSENG STEM CELL, we ensure the high content of highly concentration Ginsenosides in the GS3 Ginseng Essence.

The Advantages of Ginseng

  • Ginseng Flower Stem cell is a liposomal preparation based on the stem cell of Panax Ginseng cultivated for its remarkable longevity storage. Thanks to this technology, the remarkable benefits of these plant stem cells are now available to humans. Stem Cell Solution also contains extract that has exceptional emollient properties.
  • Ginseng leaf-stem extract contains numerous active ingredients, such as ginsenosides, poly saccharides, triterpenoids, flavonoids, volatile oils, polyacetylenic alcohols, peptides, amino acids and fatty acids. The extract contains larger amounts of the same active ingredients than the root which has anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties.
  • This innovative skin science protects and preserves the youthful look and vitality of your skin and thus is the first and truly unique third-generation antioxidant ensuring multi-phase protection through radical scavenging and maximization of skin self defense system.






Committed to Youth
The GS3 Ginseng Stem Cell Essence possesses plant regenerative stem cells. It is a great formula and combined with the GINSENG STEM CELL EXTRACT that contains highly concentration ginsenosides. It is high in functional ingredients such as Hydrochloric acid amide (Vitamin B3). GS3 Ginseng Stem Cell Essence provides active growth energy and vitality, restorative properties, antioxidants, immune boosters and anti-inflammatories agent for skin, which slow down the aging process.
GS3 Ginseng Stem Cell Essence :

Improve your skin from the deep cellular level and experience firmer and more elastic skin in just 3 days.







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