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  • EUBOS Cream Bath Oil for Baby 200ml
    EUBOS Cream Bath Oil. Cleanses. Protects. Eubos Cream Bath Oil is an alkali-and-soap free, neutral pH, synthetic detergent-lipid combination that provides gentle cleansing, and care for your baby. It is formulated with a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and Camomile extract with..
    RM 35.00
  • Eubos Hand Repair & Care 75ml
    In certain cultures, hands can tell the future. In others, hands can reveal your social status. Some people even use their hands as a way to communicate with others. There is no denying that our hands are a vital part of us and because we use them every day for all kinds of activities, they are a..
    RM 28.90