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  • ALERTEN Q50 2 X 30S (Emulcaps)
    Highly absorbed Co Q10 emulsion - The natural energy spark plug. - The potent cellular energizer. Alerten Emulcap – Co Q10 formula – contains a superior, pharmaceutical grade, natural transform of Coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 helps in generation of energy for cells. Concentration of Co Q10 – ..
    RM 138.00
  • Cholezz Krill Oil 500mg
    Description Cholezz Krill Oil from NKO contains phospholipid-bound Omega 3, 6 & 9.It is tested to improve lipid profile especially in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. Omega-3, Omega-6 are essential PUFAs (these fatty acids cannot synthesized by body itself), which ..
    RM 103.90
    Freedom from pain and stiffness in joint disease FLEXSA 1500 once a day ready to mix and drink Orange Flavored Crystalline Glucosamine Sulphate is a convenient and tasty way of ensuring pain free mobility and freedom from stiffness of the joints. FLEXSA helps in rebuilding the cartilage and re..
    RM 80.00
  • Livolin Forte 2X50s
    The liver protector PC (Phosphatidylcholine) in Livolin Forte maintains the structural and functional integrity of the cell membrane. Replenishment of PC in cases of liver damage helps in regeneration of liver cells. Various B group vitamins provide the nourishment and help to support healthy liv..
    RM 95.40
  • MEGA Glow 5 X 10 Softgel Capsules
    Glowing skin everyday…with Glow The complete skin nutrient for radiant and beautiful skin. Skin is exposed to harmful forces during daytime e.g. UV rays, pollution, imbalanced diet, alcohol consumption and smoking, Glow protects the skin against these hostile assailants and nourishes the skin fro..
    RM 165.00
  • MEGA NATURAL C 1000MG 150'S
    Improve immunity with lemon bioflavonoids and vitamin C Less acidic vitamin C formula with lemon bioflavonoids (Buffered C)  NAT C contains 1000 mg of vitamin C and the combination of lemon bioflavonoids, hesperidin and rutin. Moreover, it contains rosehip and acerola which are the natura..
    RM 100.00