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  •  Eurobio Bilberry Extract 60 vegetable capsules
    Eurobio® Bilberry Extract is a high strength formulation of natural Bilberry Extract, effective in providing visual acuity and maintaining eye health. Studies indicate that Bilberry Extract contains a powerful antioxidant (Anthocyanosides), effective in preventing free radical damage on ocul..
    RM 69.90
  • Eurobio Ala Complex Active Formula (2x60 Soft Capsules)
    Product Information Value-Pack: Eurobio ALA Complex Actve Formula No added preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavour, yeast, gluten, salt or sugars. Eurobio ALA Complex Active Formula help the body utilize energy from food, and together with Selenium and Zinc help in..
    RM 178.00
  • Eurobio Bio Smedds Q10 50mg 2 x 30's
    Eurobio® Bio Smedds Q10 50mg is a unique water dispersible Coenzyme Q10 that is more bioavailable for heart health and energy activation. Coenzyme Q10 is found naturally in every cell of the body, concentrated in the mitochondria (energy factory of all cells) where it is involved in the product..
    RM 213.00
  • Eurobio Bio-5 Lecithin 1200mg 2X120 softgels
    Eurobio® Bio-5 Lecithin 1200mg contains not less than 50% Phosphatides that are naturally derived from soy, useful for fat metabolism and enhancement of cholesterol, brain, nerve and liver health. Lecithin is one of the most bioavailable natural sources of Choline, which is necessary for the..
    RM 75.90
  • Eurobio Bio-Energee 2X60 softgels
    Eurobio® Bio-Energee is a synergistic combination of 22 essential vitamins and minerals for complete nutritional assurance. Vitamins and minerals are important nutrients essential for life. Hectic lifestyles, meeting deadlines and striving for best performance are some of the mental and p..
    RM 99.00
  • Eurobio Bio-Vizmax 2X30 softgels
    Bio-Vizmax 30 softgels Eurobio® Bio-Vizmax is a team of synergistic ocular nutrients providing light filtration, anti-oxidation, and anti- inflammation, effective in maximizing visual acuity and maintaining eye health. Lutein and Zeaxanthin being one of the most important nutrients for..
    RM 108.00