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  • Ben Chia 300g
    RM 95.00
  • Kakoii Enzyme (20 sachets)
    Description / Details KAKOII ENZYME speeds up the burning of VISCERAL FAT and BODY FAT in our body. Improves metabolism and also forbids accumulation of fats in our body.. It also increases the burning of fats in our body apart from that, it also regulates endocrinal secretions and. ..
    RM 188.00
  • Kakoii Fiber (20 sachets)
    Description / Details KAKOII FIBER natural way in removal of toxins in the body. Works to promote the excretions of toxins from the body. Regulates and. increases peristalsis in the digestive system and promotes the excretion of accumulated of feces.. Overcomes constipation and increas..
    RM 118.00