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Eye & Vision

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  •  Eurobio Bilberry Extract 60 vegetable capsules
    Eurobio® Bilberry Extract is a high strength formulation of natural Bilberry Extract, effective in providing visual acuity and maintaining eye health. Studies indicate that Bilberry Extract contains a powerful antioxidant (Anthocyanosides), effective in preventing free radical damage on ocul..
    RM 69.90
  • BioPlus Junior KidzBerry Gummies 80s
    The use of electronic devices such as computer and smart phone has become a norm, even among young children. Although it is helpful towards a kid’s development, it could also be detrimental to their eyes. KidzBerry gummy is a special formulation for children eyes and visions. With Lutein, Lycopene a..
    RM 37.00
  • Eurobio Bio-Vizmax 2X30 softgels
    Bio-Vizmax 30 softgels Eurobio® Bio-Vizmax is a team of synergistic ocular nutrients providing light filtration, anti-oxidation, and anti- inflammation, effective in maximizing visual acuity and maintaining eye health. Lutein and Zeaxanthin being one of the most important nutrients for..
    RM 108.00